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The Divine Feminine Journey

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The Divine Feminine Journey is a 5 week journey of deep healing, restoration, and reconnection. 

The rise of the Divine Feminine is not about feminism, speaking your bold truth, or taking a defiant stance. The rise of the Divine Feminine is a restoration and evolution of the Sacred codes of Creation from which you came, and the gift of your legacy. The Journey leads you to explore the deep, intimate spaces within yourself that lie dormant in wounds, heal them, and bring them back to life by igniting the Sacred Flame within. The Sacred Flame is the creative essence of Life from which all is birthed. This energy lies within the Sacral Chakra, the Sacred Womb and Yoni. When you reconnect to this energy, you create a fertile landscape for your deepest heart desires to be seeded and nourished into manifestation.

There are many Ascended Masters who assist in this Journey of healing and restoration. We call on the Sisterhood of the Rose which is led by Mary Magdalene, the one who physically embodied the Divine Feminine here on Earth. You are gifted the original creative templates which are installed to restore your Sacred Womb to its Divine purpose. You will receive Light Language healing and activations channeled from Ascended Masters such as Guan Yin, Lady Nada, and Egyptian Goddesses, to clear and heal any energetic obstructions in your Sacred Womb and Yoni. The Sacred Womb is the place where life is ignited and birthed from, both physically and energetically. Women have long held their trauma and wounds in this space. You will also remove energetic traces of past lovers and relationships that may be inhibiting you from receiving the unconditional, passionate, and magnetic love that you are deserving and worthy of. You will receive the 13th Rite of the Womb, gifted from the women of the Shamanic tribes of Peru, this has been passed onto many women with the message that:

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life."


The Divine Feminine Journey will also reconnect you to Mother Gaia, she who birthed you from her elemental body and holds you eternally in her loving embrace. You will reconnect to the physical lineage of Mothers from which you came. And you will emerge in the Mothering of your Divine self, and the Mothering of those who come from you. 


We explore the moon and menstrual cycle to restore balance to your Divine feminine flow. Understanding how our menstrual and reproductive cycles are linked to Moon energy. We go through each phase of the moon to understand the ebb and flow of our creative and physical energies. This will provide insights into your creative peaks, and times when you need to honour rest and regeneration within the physical and energetic bodies. 


Each week will include a one hour Zoom video call and will be recorded for your reference. This Journey is facilitated 1:1 as a deeply intimate experience of healing and integration. 

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