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Light Language

The Multi-Dimensional Language of the Soul

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Light Language is the language of your Soul. It is multidimensional, unique to you, and carries the energy of unconditional love and truth. Light Language connects you to a latent energy that transcends all that you know, and you start to BE. It enables you to go beyond the veils and illusions of what you think you are, and places you in the centre of that which you are, your I AM. I AM is a complete statement and is the most powerful statement you can make. It is the acknowledgement and acceptance that you are whole, and within the Godliness of yourself, you encompass all and everything within the Universe. When you tap into this space, it brings together all the different aspects of your consciousness into one sphere of higher consciousness. Through this unity of self, you are then able to express yourself through your Light Language. The key to accessing Light Language is through Heart Coherence; the true alignment of all self-aspects, to tune into the Divinity within you. Unity must exist within yourself first, if you desire to experience true unity in your external world.

Light Language can be expressed in many ways, it is not limited to a spoken "language". Light Language can be expressed in hand and body movements and dance. It can be written, painted and drawn. It can come through in song, toning and sounds. These are all equally powerful expressions of Light Language which are extremely healing and activating. When you experience Light Language and perceive it through your heart, there is a recognition and resonance which sparks a deep re-membrance of self and the purpose of why you chose this life. 

Light Language can be spontaneously activated or intentionally cultivated. There is no formula to activate it, it all happens in accordance with your divine timing, but there are ways in which you can encourage and support the process for it to unfold within you. Book an Attunement and Activation session, or sign up for a Light Language Exploration workshop to find the harmonics of your soul waiting to arise in beautiful expression!

Light Language Exploration


This is a four week workshop for you to activate into and explore your unique Light Language expression.

The workshop begins with the practice of Heart Coherence and how you bring alignment to your mind, body, and soul. We identify any blocks that may be limiting your expression of Truth and remove them. Receive Light Language activations to illuminate any dormant DNA and potentials ready to be awakened.

Three weeks will be spent in exploring the different modalities of Light Language expression.

- Sound: Vocals, Toning, Singing, Speech

- Movement: Hand and body movements, dance

- Form: Writing, drawing, and painting

Light Language activations will be included in every session to continue the evolution and re-membrance of your Divine Truth, and unlock all highest potentials for manifestation. 

Each session is 1 hour and conducted via Zoom. This workshop can be facilitated 1:1 or in a group setting (on demand). In person workshops will also be available on demand.

Light Language Attunement and Activation Session


This 60 minute session is an opportunity to pause and review where you are at currently. Allow yourself a moment to acknowledge how far you've come. Allow yourself a moment to be truthful about the blocks and limitations you are facing. And most of all, allow yourself to give more illumination to your hopes and dreams. 

In this Attunement and Activation session, your Chakras will be rebalanced and optimised. You will receive Light Language healing to push past the boundaries that are preventing you from manifesting the life you desire. The way forward will be clearer as you release stagnant energy and blockages within you. Receive Light Language transmissions to activate dormant DNA for your highest potentials, and feel the momentum of strength and power building within you. You will start to seed and nourish your ideas and inspirations so they can become your reality.

You are ready. It is time. Let's re-connect you to your Divine Truth so you live your life boldly, loudly, and truthfully. 

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