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About Me


Hello, I am Fabiene! 


I greet you with deep happiness knowing that if you have landed here, you are ready to take steps to transform your life. Personal transformation brings you to heights and depths you could not, or dare not imagine. It is a journey full of unexpected wonder that continuously blows my mind as the universe presents its bounties to me in All-ways.


Here's some of my story.

For 15 years I have been experiencing, learning, and facilitating many modalities of healing; Energy Healing, Inner Dance, Akashic records, Family Constellations, Shadow Work with Inner Child and Ego, and Light Language. My great awakening came, when triggered by birth trauma from my first son, I delved deep into my shadow work and started unpacking my baggage with my Inner Child. This led to an unravelling of who I thought I was, and a great unveiling of who, I AM.

In 2020, I was hearing a lot about "Ascension" and the "New Earth" in spiritual circles on sociaI media. I was lying in bed one night contemplating my spiritual path and my imminent return to the corporate world after the birth of my second son. I remember so clearly the moment I decided that I would not be left behind. The commitment I made to myself was to stop making excuses and take the great leap into spiritual entrepreneurship, and share my journey with any and all who want to walk this beautiful road home. My Release into Activation journey is ever unfolding, but I can show you the map and guide you safely through the places I have been. 

I was born in Singapore, lived in London and Tokyo, and now reside in Melbourne, Australia with my family.

I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and loyal friend. I love basking in the sun, swimming at the beach, eating spicy noodles with my husband, laughing and playing with my young sons, and reading a good book. 


If I can bring my inspirations and ideas out from my dreamscape into reality, then so can you. 

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