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Awakening the Wisdom of the Ancestors


The remembrance of the ancestors is not just of your physical lineage. The journey of the ancestors is a three layered experience through the elemental body, the maternal/paternal lineages, and your cosmic inheritance. 

The foundational exploration through elemental wisdom enables you to connect deeper into your inner perspective of your form, function, flow and freedom. The self realisation through the elements then arises in the maternal & paternal lineages where you deepen into the energetic relationships. There you will find a deep well of untapped power, wisdom and support available to you.

As you rise up further into the etheric state of Spirit, you open up to your cosmic mastery as you remember your multidimensional soul.

The Trinity of Lineages

Mother Earth.jpg
Cosmic Emanation_edited.jpg

Gaia & the Elements

We explore your inner perspective through the elements to create the BEing that you truly desire. Let the wisdom of the elements guide you back to the natural cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.
Earth | Form
Fire | Function
Air | Flow
Water | Freedom

Maternal/Paternal Lineage

The lineages give you the support, guidance and encouragement to help you gain more momentum in the creation of your highest and most purposeful life. When you start activating the loving wisdom of your ancestors, you are embodying the lived experiences of generation upon generation of life consciousness. 

Cosmic Lineage

Your soul has journeyed across the cosmos and experienced itself in a myriad ways. Let the wisdom of your cosmic consciousness stream in and awaken in your DNA.

You will prime the cosmic channels to deepen your intuition and start activating into your highest potentials. 

This is for you if ...

✅ You desire a DEEPER connection to your body

✅ You desire to INCREASE your capacity to feel SAFE in your body

✅ You desire to connect with your inner resource to CREATE the life you desire

✅ You desire to RECLAIM yourself in the loving wisdom of your maternal/paternal lineages instead of replaying karmic cycles.

✅ You desire to understand yourself at a deeper level to know WHAT your purpose is and WHY you are here.

✅ You desire to DEEPLY TRUST yourself

✅ You desire to DEEPEN your intuition and trust it to GUIDE you

✅ You desire to INCREASE your capacity to RECEIVE abundance.

✅ You desire to EXPRESS yourself authentically

✅ You desire to be SEEN and HEARD for who you truly are.

The Ancestral Journey starts here ...

Every living being that has since crossed the death portal and returned its physical body to Gaia continues to nourish and support us in elemental form. It is in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you consume. The inherent wisdom of the elements gives you an opportunity to perceive where you are limiting yourself and where you can bring more expansion into your awareness and creative potentials. Understanding the elemental cycle also deepens your relationship to "Self" in the birth, death, and rebirth, as we are always coming full circle.

The remembrance of the maternal & paternal lineages arises in this course through the restoration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We reset the internal spaces of how you are holding yourself in a sacred container for your creation to seed and bloom. 

As you start to embody your wisdom, you are building a strong foundation for your cosmic channels to open and stream in. The last session of this course is to prime your cosmic channels to remember your mastery in the higher dimensions and bring it into the body for divine awakening and remembrance. You are ready, and this is just the beginning. 


This online course is available on a 1:1 basis (start when you're ready)


in Sacred Circle (online group container capped at 12).

Sacred Circle (Online Group)

Week 1 | Heart Activation

Thursday 18th April 7.30pm AEST

Week 2 | Earth & Form

Thursday 25th April 7.30pm AEST


Week 3 | Fire & Function

Thursday 2nd May 7.30pm AEST


Week 4 | Air & Flow

Thursday 9th May 7.30pm AEST

Week 5 | Water & Freedom
Thursday 16th May 7.30pm AEST

Week 6 | Divine Masculine / Paternal Lineage
Thursday 23rd May 7.30pm AEST

Week 7 | Divine Feminine / Maternal Lineage
Thursday 30th May 7.30pm AEST

Week 8 | Cosmic Inheritance
Thursday 6th June 7.30pm AEST

Select your journey ...

1:1 Journey

Pay in full
AUD 1,255

Pay in 3 instalments
AUD 444 x 3

Sacred Circle (Group Journey)

Pay in full
AUD 333

Pay in 2 instalments
AUD 188 x 2

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