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Fabiene holds space for you to heal, and explore your spiritual curiosity with different offerings in a variety of settings. Whether you are looking for an intimate environment, or community to learn with, there are many ways to work with me.

See you on the inside, there is much to explore!

1:1 Coaching & Group Coaching

There are no rules or formulas on the path to healing. The direction, pace, and depth at which you unfold is unique to you. Fabiene works with you to holistically identify; the areas in your life where you operate in limited beliefs, energetic blocks in your body, and the dormant potentials in your DNA waiting to explode into activation. Fabiene sees your highest potential and guides you to it.

Light Language Attunement & Activation

Bring alignment into your physical and energetic bodies, and clear any blockages holding you in limitation. The 60 minute session will also attune your light body to the cosmic channels available to you for your highest good and learning, allowing you to step into your next phase of expansion.
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Light Language Remembrance

Light Language is the language of your Soul as it expresses Love in its highest forms.
Explore your unique Light Language expression through vocals, hand/body movements, and writing/drawing. Offered 1:1 or in community, let's share, explore, and create together. 
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