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The Coaching Journey

"Release into Activation"

A personalised one-to-one experience

There are no rules or formulas on the path to healing. The direction, pace, and depth at which you unfold is unique to you. This is why I apply a personalised approach to the coaching journey. I meet you where you are, and journey with you on your path.

I don't just teach spiritual concepts. I guide you to experience them within the framework of your physical and energetic bodies.


Knowledge is power, but knowledge through experience is mastery.

RELEASE... Healing and Integrating the Shadow Self

You carry within you the karmic cycles of your ancestors and your accumulated lifetimes; stories and patterns that repeat life after life. You have cultivated “identities” that are curated from societal pressures, familial expectations, and idealised self-image based on competition and comparison. These distorted identities of “self” create behavioural patterns that disconnect you from your divine truth and power.

Release Shadow .jpg

These behaviours give rise to negative experiences further compounding your limiting beliefs and lack of self-worth. The shadow self is borne from the pain and overwhelm of your challenges and trauma, and you are paralysed by the storm of your emotions unable to see a way out. These conditioned behaviours are based on learnings and experience held in the subconscious and unconscious mind. 

So how do you flick the switch to live a life led by conscious, intentional, wisdom;

free from emotional pain and limiting boundaries? 


Healing the Shadow Self is an intensive exploration of your human baggage that keeps you stuck in the repetition of suffering in lower emotions such as guilt, shame, abandonment, anger, fear, anxiety etc. You will go to the root cause of these emotions and heal by embracing the shadow within and bringing it back to light (life!). You will work with your Higher Self, Inner Child, and Ego, and learn transformational tools to reprogram your internal narrative. You will develop your inner compass that unfailingly guides you back to your balanced centre. The centre within your heart, where you are unshakeable in your self-love, and unmoveable in your belief that you are unlimited in the creation and expression of your life. Through your change of self-perception, you reclaim your power, put yourself firmly back in command of your life, and you start to BE. This is when the magic happens, when you feel the momentum of your truth and power building, and you explode into ACTIVATION. 

ACTIVATE...Your Divine Blueprint


We have all come here with a unique purpose. For many it is a purpose that is never discovered or fulfilled. As you begin to master the human self and understand the energetics of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies through your Shadow work; you clear the way for light to emerge. The alignment of these bodies brings heart coherence; the state that enables you to access your absolute truth.  And thus begins the emergence of your light body. What is revealed in the illumination of your light body, is the endless possibility of your highest potentials.

This is your Divine blueprint.

This part of the Journey is focused on bringing to reality your biggest, most daring dreams from the deepest desires in your heart. 

You will receive guidance to identify your dormant areas of potential, and Light Language transmissions to activate them. Activating the dormant DNA of your Divine blueprint enables you to explore the many aspects of your multidimensional self as they arise in re-membrance. You will develop and deepen your intuition to advance your inherent "gifts", and your clair-senses will be magnified.

You will open and attune your light body to the cosmic channels available to you for your highest good and learning, allowing you to step into your next phase of expansion. This is when you start identifying what your key drivers are that continuously propel you into creating joy, abundance, and love. These are the keys to accessing your GENIUS. 

Welcome to your cosmic emergence. You are ready. It is time.


Watch as the harmonics of your soul starts manifesting in every facet of your life. 

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