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Know your Divine Truth

Harness the POWER of your Team

Join the FREE 4 Day Challenge - 7th to 10th August

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Meet your Team
Higher Self, Inner Child, & Ego

You may have heard of these aspects of "self", but do you know they are POWERFUL allies that can help you navigate life?

When you can identify the unique voices and energy of your team, you will begin to understand your triggers and how to heal through them.

Harness the POWER of your Team, is a 4 Day Challenge curated to help you reconnect to your team and deepen into the Divine Truth that is emerging for YOU.

Deepen your Relationship to "Self", and Reconnect to your Divine Loving Truth. Be your own best friend!

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From the Desk of Fabiene Lui
Melbourne, Australia

If you're tired of feeling stuck on the same hamster wheel of emotions, ego triggers, inner child wounds, and life generally not going the way you envision.....

I have an opportunity for you that is a game changer. Literally changing the game of life that you are playing right now!

But I warn you....

This Isn't For People Who Don't
Desire to EVOLVE and EXPAND

The Truth Is .....

We have all been conditioned to perceive ourselves in a certain way and call it our "truth". At first by our parents in our childhood years, then during our schooling/educational years, and even now continuously being drip fed by society.

BUT, our truth is constantly evolving as we continue along life's journey. 

Our Team communicates with us through triggers and other messages, to let us know that our beliefs are changing and we need to evolve with them. 

You've tried and failed to
navigate your triggers and blocks ..... 

You’ve done some inner work, tried different modalities, meditated a little, used ALL the crystals and sage, but you are STILL feeling STUCK.


You don’t trust yourself or your intuition feels murky to make decisions that feel ALIGNED.


You can sense that you are on the cusp of something MORE but unsure of how to BREAKTHROUGH to the next step. 

I AM Fabiene Lui .....

An intuitive healer, light language activator/channel, and spiritual coach.

When I experienced birth trauma with my first son, a lot of my beliefs, my self beliefs were called into question by my team.

Through the experience of birthing my son I was also rebirthing myself because what I found was that my beliefs … my truth … had evolved through my experiences. When I started building relationships with my team, they showed me all the ways I had been holding myself in limitation, recycling the same patterns of guilt, shame and low self worth, you name it, they laid it all bare.

But they also helped me to heal and integrate those broken pieces of myself by understanding the lessons of love that were missed the first time through those experiences. 

I have found a way to BUST THROUGH those barriers, and EXPAND INTO YOUR POTENTIAL!

During this 4 day challenge, you will be guided to know your team EXPERIENTIALLY.
I don’t teach spiritual concepts you can google those for yourself. 
I guide you to EXPERIENCE YOURSELF deeply through the framework of your physical body.
They say knowledge is power but I believe knowledge through experience is MASTERY.
So I invite you to join me for 4 days, receive deep guidance to your heart where your team resides, and start experiencing the deep divine truth that is arising for you. 

This is for you if ..... 

You're in your head more than your HEART

You don't trust yourself or know how to deepen your intuition

Your Inner Child wounds are often reopening

Your Ego is often triggered

You are paralysed by the overwhelm of daily life

You are unsure or feel lost in what direction to take in your life

You feel like you're on the cusp of something but unsure of how to breakthrough to the next step

You have "clair" senses but have disconnected them due to overwhelm of incoming "data"

You are tired of the same repetitive cycles of pain and challenges but don't know what to do

Your emotions run the daily show and you react instead of respond

You don't know what your truth and purpose is

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, this 4 Day Challenge is for YOU!

Harness the POWER of your TEAM

7th - 10th August, 2023

What you'll EXPERIENCE in 4 Days


Meet Your Team (60 mins)

> Understand the role of Higher Self, Inner Child, and Ego

> Be guided in meditation to meet your Team

> Learn the "configuration" of your Team for optimal performance

VIP Bonus 
Group Heart Activation to open deeper into your arising Truth

Connect with Higher Self (60 mins)

> Be guided in meditation to connect with Higher Self

> Experience the Truth that Higher Self is revealing for YOU

> Activate into the path that Higher Self is illuminating for YOU

VIP Bonus 
Heart Activation session to dive deeper into your inner realms 


Connect with Inner Child (60 mins)

> Be guided in meditation to connect with Inner Child

> Experience the Creative POWER that Inner Child holds

> Plant creative seeds with Inner Child that you want to manifest

> Activate FUN and Creativity that Inner Child is showing YOU

VIP Bonus 
Group Activation to IGNITE the Sacred Flame of Creation 


Connect with Ego (60 mins)

> Be guided in meditation to connect with Ego

> Experience EXPANSION with Ego

> Experience what it's like to truly hold space for yourself 

> Activate EXPANSION into a new vibration with Ego

VIP Bonus 
Group Activation to Connect with Divine Masculine 

Harness the POWER of your TEAM, know your Divine TRUTH

What You'll Get With This

4 days LIVE training with spiritual coach Fabiene Lui ($555 Value)

Challenge exercises and worksheets ($333)

Live Q&A every day ($222)

Daily Activations to expand into your highest potentials ($444)

Take away tools so you can continue your inward journey ($333)

Get to know your "Self" (Priceless!)

VIP Bonuses

Access 1 hour VIP session on zoom after daily challenge

Direct access to me to dive deeper into experiences and concepts

Access to all recordings for extra week post challenge

Additional activations to propel you forward in your journey

Total Value: $1887

Normal Price: $297

BUT..... I want to GIFT you this opportunity to learn the


You Can Join The Challenge For FREE!

Harnessing the POWER of your Team begins .....

August 7th 10.30am AEST

August 6th 8.30pm EDT

August 6th 7.30pm CDT 

August 6th 5.30pm PDT



4 days live training with
team expert Fabiene Lui

Access to workbooks,
exercises, and tools

Live Q&A

Daily Activations




Access 1 hour VIP session on zoom after daily challenge

Direct access to me to dive deeper into experiences and concepts

Special activations to expand into ABUNDANCE

Chance to win 1:1 coaching session with Fabiene 


Recordings Only

Receive 14 day pass of recordings from the live sessions

Access to workbooks,
exercises, and tools

1:1 Session with Fabiene to deep dive into your current challenges

Recordings Only

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 4 day challenge for?
Anyone who is ready to SHOW UP for themselves, reclaim their POWER, and know their Truth and Purpose!

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Who is this 4 day challenge NOT for?
Those who want to maintain the status quo and are comfortable in their discomfort. You must be dedicated to the challenge and yourself otherwise you are missing a valuable opportunity. Access to the recordings are only available during the challenge week so commitment is key.

How much does the 4 Day Challenge cost?

The general admission ‘Take Action’ pack is FREE or upgrade to the VIP pack for $44 and receive an extra hour zoom call after the daily training has finished. Gain expert advice from Fabiene herself where she’ll dive deep into these concepts and advise you on how to deepen into the "Self". Alternatively, if you can’t make the live sessions, invest in the 14 day pass of recordings from the live sessions for just $297.
Are the challenge classes live?
Yes, each session will be live and recorded. However, all recordings will disappear at the end of the challenge week so you will need to either watch the challenge live or watch the recording before the week is over. 

How does the 4 Day Challenge work?

Each day we will have the general session at 10.30am AEST, 8.30pm EDT, 7.30pm CDT, and 5.30pm PDT.  
Following the daily live, we will have a VIP and Q&A coaching session (if you have invested in the VIP ticket). Each day complete the daily tasks and make sure to ask questions in the Facebook group and connect with the community.

Will I get direct feedback from Fabiene?
If you have the VIP Package then yes! There is a live Q&A session daily on zoom where you can ask questions. If you have the general ‘Take Action’ pack, there is no direct feedback.

The Challenge begins soon!

See you on the inside .....

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